My Man Pendleton by Elizabeth Bevarly

My Man Pendleton by Elizabeth Bevarly

My Man Pendleton by New York Times bestselling author, Elizabeth Bevarly, is a Kentucky romance treat.

When Pendleton accepted a new job at the McClellan family bourbon company, he had no idea the benefits package would include a forced relationship with the boss’ daughter. He’d taken the job hoping to make money, not marry into it! But if heiress Kit McClellan doesn’t agree to enter into wedded bliss soon, the entire family fortune will be willed to the various charities of Louisville, KY.

At the request of Mr. McClellan, Pendleton sets out woo the runaway Kit, but taming the wealthy spitfire is no easy feat. As their relationship grows, Pendleton realizes there is much more to Kit than meets the eye. With the deadline fast approaching, will the two give in to their attraction or was Mr. McClellan wrong in believing Pendleton was the right man for the job?


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