Stardust Romance to publish “The Last July” by Breanna Mounce

Stardust Romance to publish “The Last July” by Breanna Mounce

We are proud to announce that we will be publishing “The Last July” by Breanna Mounce.

About the Book:

Nestled in a small Tennessee town is Camp Arthur, a summer camp with mountains of possibility. At least that’s how the new owners of see it. Penelope has dreamed of being a counselor at Camp Arthur ever since she was a young camper herself. And this July finally brings her chance: an opportunity to be a counselor in training with a cabin full of campers under her watchful eye.

Things get complicated when a fellow counselor jogs right into her life and takes her eyes off her job, and if that wasn’t challenging enough, news from her parents knock her even further off course.

What was supposed to be a fun summer transition between childhood and her adult years turns into something altogether unexpected. Can Penelope balance a budding summertime romance against the drama of a jealous ex and her own troubled family, or will she really have her last July at Camp Arthur?

About the Author:

Breanna Mounce grew up in a small Kentucky town and dreamt about exploring places she had yet to see, real and fictional. She received her BA in English from Northern Kentucky University and currently resides just outside of Cincinnati with her husband, dog, and cats. When not writing, she loves escaping to the mountains, hanging out at concerts, and reading as many books as possible.

You can catch up with her blog full of quirky book tidbits at

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